Bridesmaid Makeup: Worth the Expense?

It’s your wedding day and you look PERFECT-you’ve spent the time and money on the best professionals there are. Your confidence is at an all time high and you’re ready to stand in front of everyone with your best friends at your side and marry the love of your life! Nothing can stand in your way until a bridesmaid peeks her head around the corner and then another and then two more. While they greet you with sweet smiles, compliments, and tears, all you see is 4 clashing beauties in handpicked dresses that took hours to decide on. Two have winged liner, one has black mascara already running down her cheeks like Kiss and the wild one from college is wearing (non-agreed upon) vibrant red lips! Most brides would be wondering what to say and how to fix this situation before anyone goes anywhere. Unfortunately, you probably can’t do anything about it for two very big reasons: the chance of offending your friends who are about to celebrate your marriage or the lack of time before the wedding festivities start.

Okay, perhaps this is a little dramatic, but I have been to a number of weddings where I was either asked to do last minute makeup or had to calm a frustrated bride with her bridal party. Trust me when I say, IT IS NOT WORTH IT! While this may not be every bride’s experience, it is a guaranteed non-issue if you hire a professional. It’s true, a lot of brides are pretty carefree when it comes to the appearance of the bridal party, but I am asking you to re-assess before it’s too late. A professional will learn the style of your wedding and provide bridal party makeup that will enhance the visual appeal of the group-putting any bride at ease. 

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that bridesmaids are there to compliment you at the podium. Not to mention, they usually spend a lot of time and money to get there! Check out the latest bridal magazines, websites and blogs-you will not see mismatching bridal party makeup because the “flow” is there. Professionals know how to make everyone look their best without taking away from the bride. If you can swing it, pamper your wedding party with the gift of getting their makeup professionally done. If you can almost swing it, offer to pay for half of their services. If you can’t afford it all, let them know how great your artist is, how much they would enjoy the experience and have an enthusiastic discussion to find out if it’s for your gals. 

When it comes to makeup or hair, I always say makeup trumps hair. Hair is much more forgiving in photos and can easily be touched up if it needs some help. Plus 9 times out of 10 you are bound to have a bridesmaid knowledgeable enough to curl and potentially style hair.

All of this doesn’t go without saying some women are fantastic at applying their own makeup however, they typically have a comfort zone and tend to stick to it. It’s almost a guarantee when there will be lots of people around and lots of photos taken. While some women are good at applying their own makeup, they may not have the skills to apply for an all day event or own the proper product that is camera friendly. A professional uses makeup that enhances one’s beauty, creates a beautiful flow amongst the wedding party and most importantly, compliments the bride.

Professional makeup artists can be many things, but as a cautious bride you should look for an artist who is confident in her work and has great reviews. Remember: passion for her artistry business will not fail you. Choose someone who puts your needs as a bride first and who, without a question, will take care of your loved ones. After all, your bridal party will be standing by your side on your big day and for years to come throughout the triumphs and trials of marriage.