Seven Enticing Nail Polish Colors to Wear When in Love

Being in love is a heavenly feeling and to be able to express the love to your beloved by wearing enchanting nail polish is incredible. Generally, we see people going for the traditional VIBGYOR colors to express their love. However, it is not always necessary to restrict your choices to the seven primary colors. Instead, you can try different shades based on the primary rainbow colors and still make your presence felt. Here are seven exotic colors nail polish choices that could have your beloved gazing at your nails lovingly.

Best Nail Polish Colors to Wear When in Love

Red – Full of Passion

If you go through Valentine’s Day manicure gel designs, you will find red is a universal choice. However, it is not restricted to the particular day alone. Red denotes warmth, closeness, and passion. Are these not the qualities you express when in love? Love demands attention, and there is no better way of seeking attention than wearing bright red nail polish. Besides, red gives you the confidence to express your feelings in the best manner possible. So, if you are lying low for a while and wish to arouse your passion, there is no better choice than red.

Pink – Epitome of innocence

Red is a bold color that lets you dominantly express your love. But, not every woman is dominant by nature. Hence, such people can wear pink shades that display innocence fully. While pink speaks the same love language, it does so subtly and romantically. Pink is the sweetest of all colors nail polish because it has ultra-feminine qualities. While it makes you blush before your beloved, it encourages him to flirt with you. Pink is all about blowing sweet kisses and blushing coyly as you express your love emphatically.

Burgundy – A Cool Shade

Burgundy, Purple, and Fuchsia are excellent combinations of passionate reds and deep blues. So, if you are intensely in love, you would love to keep the passion burning for long. While red is an intense shade, adding blue to it gives it a smoldering look. Besides, the burgundy shade is perfect when you have a glass of red wine in your hands to celebrate your love with your beloved. It is one of the most preferred shades if you wish to celebrate your love at a fancy night. At the same time, the burgundy manicure gel is perfect for fantasizing about your love at home.

Nude/Brown – Feeling of Relaxation

When deeply in love, you feel relaxed and detached from the surroundings. Under such circumstances, the nude or brown nail polish shades are the perfect ones to have. These earthy hues give you confidence while being sober at the same time. Though these colors do not make you look attention-grabbing, they display to the world that you feel comfortable and relaxed in your love life. As a result, it helps to cement your relationship and take it to the next level.

Yellow – The Most Cheerful Tone

People in love always look cheerful, carefree, and energetic with their lives. They feel bliss in the arms of their beloved. There cannot be a better shade than the bright yellows to express their cheerfulness. This bright hue catches his eye and beckons him towards you gracefully. He will get attracted to you because your bright nails draw him towards you.

Green – A Down-to-earth Color

Love is all about optimism, and there is no color better than green to feel refreshing and display a down-to-earth attitude. While the greens do not shine as brightly as the yellows, they have the same attraction factor. Green is the most restful, balanced, and open-minded color you will ever encounter in the spectrum. So, if you are looking to lead a balanced love life, you need not look further than the green manicure gel.

White – Pristine Beauty

Marriage is the culmination of love, and all colors in the world merge to give white. Thus, white is always referred to as pristine beauty. White is the perfect option to have when you settle down in marriage. First, it gels beautifully with your pure or ivory white wedding gowns. Secondly, wearing white on your wedding night signals that you are set to begin your married life with a clean slate. Finally, there cannot be a more refreshing assurance to your partner.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed seven beautiful gel nail manicure that you can try and have a fantastic time. Each color discussed here has its emotions, and every woman in the world goes through such emotive feelings when in love. So, if you are in love or plan to fall in love soon, you can use these nail polish colors to make the most romantic statement. Therefore, you need not always select the primary rainbow colors, as these seven color choices show.