Tips to Keep Your Dip Powder Nails Healthy

Medical experts and prominent nail technicians recommend dipping powder manicures to strengthen the nails. Unfortunately, many women bite their nails, resulting in their nails becoming weak and stunted. Therefore, they need a strengthening agent like a dipping powder manicure to discourage them from biting their nails.

Dip manicures have their advantages like durable, long-lasting nails, an easy application process, a range of attractive SNS dipping powder colors, etc. But, simultaneously, there are a couple of downsides, like dip powder being tough on nails, acetone to remove dip powder, etc.

Nevertheless, dip powder manicures are the favorites of women globally. This article discussed informative tips that can make your dip SNS nails healthy. The top dermatologists have listed these tips. Hence, it is safe for women to follow them to get the best out of their dip manicures.

Recommendations to Ensure Better Nail Health

Leave the cuticles alone

Cuticles can interfere with the nail manicure. They cause the dip powder manicure layer to lift and crack as the natural nails grow underneath. Hence, one should not apply dip powder colors over the cuticle area.

The right way to deal with cuticles is to push them inside their grooves. Exposing the cuticles can cause nail infections. However, you should be gentle when making your cuticles and not use brute force.

Applying petroleum jelly to your cuticle areas before the nail manicure is an excellent way to ensure that the dip powder does not stick. Of course, cuticle oil is also a perfect option.

Avoid going for double dips

A double-dip does not mean dipping your nails twice into the dip powder bottle. It means that you drop your nails into dip powder colors that others did so before you. You might ask, what is wrong with that because everyone does it? There is nothing wrong as long as everything works well. However, if the person dipping her nails before you had an infection or warts, the germs could affect your nails through the dipping powder.

So, what is the solution? Some experts advise sprinkling dipping powder on your nails instead of dipping your fingers into the bottle. However, this procedure does not rule out infection risks. The best solution is to carry your SNS powder dip to the nail salon and insist on the technician using these colors on your nails.

One dip at a time is ideal when you have it the first time

If you are new to dip powder manicures, you do not know your allergic quotient. Dip powder combinations have various chemicals and adhesives that cause skin and nail allergies. Besides, allergies do not happen immediately. You could experience them even after one day.

The common allergies include swelling, itching, lifting of nails, discolored skin, fluid-filled bumps on the skin surrounding the nails, etc.

The solution is to try the dip powder manicure on one finger the first time you have it. Then, wait for seven days to see if you develop any allergies to dip powder. If you do not, you can proceed with the entire manicure. Secondly, it is better to use quality products like SNS powder dip collections. The manufacturers care about the problems people face, whereby they do not use harmful chemicals in the preparation process.

Give sufficient time for your nails to recover after the manicure

A dip powder manicure looks beautiful on your hands. However, it does not last forever. Your natural nail keeps growing and pushes the powder layers towards the edges. So, after four weeks, the nails become heavy at the edges resulting in chances of snapping the nails. The best solution is to remove the dip powder.

Nail technicians use acetone for removing dip powder nails. Acetone is the best nail polish remover, but it can dehydrate your nails and skin. Therefore, you should nourish your nails back to health after the manicure. You can massage your nails gently with cuticle oil and moisturize them. Besides, it is also advisable to give proper rest to your nails. Therefore, it is better not to rush into your next manicure immediately. A week should be sufficient for your nails to regain their natural health.

Visit the dermatologist regularly

You can witness changes in your natural nail colors every time you remove your dipping powder manicure. It should not be a problem, but keeping a close watch can help spot problems early.

Therefore, we recommend visiting a dermatologist regularly to check for nail infections like lifting, discolored/swollen skin, thickening, and changes around the nails or beneath them.

After removing your dip powder colors, you can use your spare time to check on the nail doctor to keep your nails healthy.

Final Thoughts

These five tips should help keep your nails healthy. We also recommend using quality products like SNS dip powder colors to maintain your nails’ beauty and health quotients.