4 Tips to Create Natural and Best Nail Gel Polish Manicure

The trend of wearing nail polishes has been there in the fashion industry for hundreds of years, and since then, it has kept on changing and enhancing to make your hands look pretty with the help of using the latest nail manicure techniques. Similarly, one of the many modern beauty mainstays includes the style of using polish gel on your nails. The main reason why gel nail polishes have been trending a lot lately is that these manicures are greatly indestructible, beautifully glossy, and offered at almost every nail salon.

The best gel nail gel polish will consist of several different strong ingredients that can help to grasp your nails tighter as compared to traditional nail polishes. So, if you also want to try and become a part of this nail trend, here are some of the trips to make your polish gel last longer and look more natural.

4 Tips to Create Natural Nail Gel Polis

Hydrate Your Nails

Just like drinking water is very important for our physical well-being and overall health, when it comes to your nail health, it is also very necessary to hydrate your nails properly if you want them to look good and extremely gorgeous all the time.

This is essential as it will protect your nails from drying up by applying too many nail products. For this, you can simply hydrate your nails frequently in between your nail salon visits with the help of different kinds of cuticle oils, scrubs, etc.

This will also make your gel polish manicures last longer, as well as make your nails look chic without completely drying up their uppermost layer. Since the base coat of gel polishes quenches your nail beds, you can use different treatment plans to properly moisturize your nails.

Choose Ingredients Wisely

If you want your gel manicure to look naturally glossy and beautiful, one of the main things that you would need to do is to be careful while choosing your gel nail polish and find out what kind of ingredients are used in them.

This is important for not just your nail health but your body health, and making a wise choice in finding gel nail polish with the right kind of ingredients will help you to stay conscious of your well-being without letting toxicity enter your body.

You would need to find gel nail polishes that do not contain high amounts of DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde so that you can stay away from all these nasty chemicals and still look at your ultimate best by creating a stylish appearance.

Let Your Nails Breathe

Whether you choose to go with the classic nail polishes or the trending gel nail color, the actual truth is that apart from giving you a fashionable outlook, frequent use of these nail polishes can actually weaken your natural nails.

The reason behind this is that these manicures can actually cause thinning and dehydration of your nail plate because of the amounts of chemicals involved in them. So, if you want to get a great manicure and be careful of your nail health at the same time, you would need to take breaks between manicures.

This means that you would need to look at your natural nails at least every two weeks in order to properly assess their condition and if they might have any kind of infections due to excess amount of manicures or nail polish application.

Try not to Pick at Peeling

If you want your gel polish manicure to last longer, it would be great to try not to pick at peeling your gel nail polish. As this is one of the most common habits of people, whenever you are bored or idle, they might start peeling their nail polish unconsciously.

As soon as the color starts to lift, even more, you might be tempted to remove your nail polish and this can cause early chipping of your nail polish. It is also necessary as peeling can let water seep into your manicure and can eventually become a reason for beateria development in your nails.

This bacteria can certainly cause fungus in your nails and can stop you from getting any future manicures, as once the peeling phase begins, it might be hard for you to stop picking at your polish, which is why you should try to refrain from it in the first place.


So, in order to sum it all up, these are some of the best nail gel polish tips that can help you to maintain your nail health and make your next manicure look naturally glossy and beautiful. You can also go with DIY gel polish by watching several online videos to create a look according to your demands without having to burn a hole in your pocket and spending lots of money on nail salons.