How to Choose the Best Nail Polishes

Through time, fashion has been a constant. It has always been a way to show class. History shows that warriors would take time to cut their hair and paint their nails before the battle in Babylonia during the old ages.

It shows how long the painting of nails has been in existence in different parts of the world. Many years B.C, the Chinese customs show that nail paints differentiate people with rank and dynasty. Not everyone was allowed to wear nail paints. In some dynasties, the lower class are only allowed to wear pale colors, and wearing a paint associated with a higher rank is punishable by death.

In the last century, a dentist broke his nail, and he used aluminum foil and acrylic to repair it. The fake nail he designed looked very real, and he later partnered with his brother to start producing what we now call acrylic nails.

In the present day, nail cosmetics have grown to be very important to women’s daily lives. It helps them go about their daily lives with joy, and it also enhances their beauty. Statistics show that over 85℅ women around the globe use different nail care products. DND nail polish is a handy and lasting brand. Many people prefer to buy their DND nail polish bulk to avoid having emergencies with their nails.

Some nail cosmetics include polish, shellac, gel, acrylic, dip powder, and paraffin manicure. Sometimes, nail cosmetics are used to take care of nail disorders like paronychia, green nails, and brittle nails.

Nail polish which can also be called nail enamel, is a glossy material used on the human fingernail or toenails to protect the nails. It comes in virtually all colors and is one of the essential manicures or pedicure products.

Benefits of DND Nail Polish

Nail polish has a series of benefits. Most females prefer nail polish to other nail care products because it is easier and the best to use. It is a common language that nail polish makes a woman look attractive to men and women alike.

Check below to see some of the benefits:

Nail Polish Is Relaxing

It does not mean that it is a drug to relax after a hectic day; it is just the feeling you get when you go to the spa to get a manicure or pedicure; that self-grooming will make your mind relaxed. It would give you to go on as yourself.

It Improves the Nail Health

Some elements in the nail polish are beneficial to the nails. The new nail polishes are free from toxic chemicals and contain vitamins and minerals.

Also, nail polish contains cuticle oil. Applying cuticle oil makes the skin around the nail soft and healthier, and it deters the growth of fungi and bacteria. If the pin falls off, you will not get any infection because of the nail polish.

It Helps to Make a Good Impression

Many people look at the hands of new people they were and draw impressions. If your fingernails are not cared for, people would quickly conclude that you do not take care of your body.

Nobody wants to make a wrong first impression; hence the saying first impressions last longer.

Best DND Gel Polish Colors

Application of nail polishes is based on sine factors if you want it to look good on you. When you go to the salon, you should make up your mind on the color you want because you can get overwhelmed by the numerous colors you would see at the salon. As I have said earlier, there is barely a color daisy DND gel polish do not come in.

Sometimes the best DND gel polish colors are determined by occasion and sometimes by the outfit. Studies have thus shown that some colors are neutral.

Some of the best neutral color and combinations are listed below:

The Pale Pink

It is warm, calm, and always a reliable classy choice that goes with every situation.

The Soft White

The skin color does not matter with the soft white. It is a fantastic color and never flops. Most people call it the funny bunny.

The Light Pink

Most people prefer this color for special occasions like photoshoots. It is the perfect pink to use in adorning your nails. It is also called the bubble bath.

Lavender with a Little Pink

It is a unique combination. Most people prefer this combination for private outings like going to the beach or a vacation.


Neons are classics. This year, it is recorded that neons are among the best selling colors of nail polishes, from blue to green, and all the neon colors.


Metallic is a versatile and robust choice to go for in nail polishes. It looks great on every nail shape, and it is between gold and silver, which makes it an attractive option.


Nail polishes are an essential part of a female lifestyle, and they get relevant more with time. The problem with nail polishes is that you should be careful of the colors you use. The best way is for your nail colors to go in line with your outfits.