Ways to Hide Flaws to Get a Perfect Complexion Easily

You may have freckles, dark spots or pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dark undereye circles, etc., that you don’t want to show the world every day. Sometimes even though we have all the things needed, we cannot figure out the exact technique that will work the best.

If you are in the same kind of condition, then I am here to help you find the best way to use all the makeup products to obtain the best possible result.


Do you know the best way to cover freckles? By using a full coverage foundation as the first step. Of course, you need to prepare your skin by moisturizing and applying a primer first, but after your skin is ready for smooth application of any makeup product, use a full coverage foundation.

Although it can be a little hard to cover freckles completely than any other pigmentation because of the irregular distribution throughout your skin, a full coverage foundation can give you a decent amount of concealing on your freckles or any kind of dark spots.

Makeup Applicator

The technique or how you are applying your makeup products is important in this scenario. The first thing to keep in mind is what applicator you are using for makeup application. If you are using your fingertips, it may not blend properly and will not give you a professional look you are looking for.

Now, if you are using a beauty blender or beauty sponge, then it may give you a smoother blending, but it will eat up your product very fast and may not give you the coverage you are looking for.

A beauty blender is a sponge so that it will soak a huge amount of your product every time, but wetting it before the application will help you to avoid the wastage of the makeup products to a great extent.

Using a blending brush is best when your goal is maximum coverage. Just choose based on the quality, it may cost a little, but it will last for a longer period.

The Technique of Applying

If you are using a makeup brush, try to press the foundation in your skin by tapping the brush instead of swiping it. When you first apply the foundation all over your face little by little, and when you tap on it, the foundation spreads through all over your skin naturally.

Then you can go in a circular motion or just stroking it to spread wherever you think it may need. Don’t go for another layer of foundation on your dark spot or your freckles, as it will only cake up, giving you an awful look rather than what you want.


After the application of the foundation, applying concealer is the second step. A full-coverage concealer, if blended properly, will give you an even complexion, and nobody will know what you have underneath. The blending process is the same as the foundation.

Compact Powder

After applying all the liquid makeup product, always use a compact powder to set the previous application, if you don’t want your makeup to set in all the lines you have on your face and making your look older than you look. Applying a compact powder is a necessary step here.

Other Products

You can use a color corrector before applying any foundation or concealer if your dark spot or dar circle bothers you too much. If you want to go for a normal look, you can look for top Korean bb cream, as it may not give full coverage but a decent one if you want to show your freckles.


Taking care of your skin is the most important thing, so never forget to remove the makeup before going to bed, no matter how tired you are.