Top 5 Best Drugstore Makeup for Acne – Safe for Your Skin

Top 5 Best Drugstore Makeup for Acne – Safe for Your Skin

There are many brands in the market which claim to produce the most skin friendly products. But most of them are one of the major factors of all skin problems. One of the most commonly encountered skin problems is acne. It is of no surprise that most of the makeup products with average quality and cheap price tags damage your skin and cause breakouts. One simple solution to recurrent breakouts is the use of drugstore makeup products which are thoroughly tested and completely safe.

So here is a list of makeup products that you can use safely without the fear of acne.

e.l.f, Acne Fighting Foundation

The e.l.f acne fighting foundation is rich in salicylic acid which helps in treating acne. So in addition to providing you with a full coverage on your face, it will help you in getting rid of all those breakouts. The soothing ingredients help you get an irritation free skin. All the acne related redness is covered and cleared. Skin complexion is highly improved and becomes even toned. Blemishes are significantly reduced.

Mehron Makeup Barrier Spray

Mehron makeup setting spray can be used if you use makeup very frequently and fear from acne breakouts. It is the perfect setting spray for acne prone skin you need to check out right now. It will help your makeup to stay longer and won’t allow it to damage the skin. All the applied products are sealed in its place and do not wash out with water as the product is moisture resistant.

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Contour Concealer

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP concealer is ideal to provide you with an unmatchable coverage on your face. All the dark spots, under eye blemishes, unpresentable looking dark areas on the face will be concealed and an even complexion will be achieved. The cruelty free and vegan nature of the product makes it even more preferable. It is totally safe and gives you a matte finish all day long.


What is better than getting a product with more than one benefit. This best cc cream for acne will help you fight all the frequent breakouts and will keep your skin clear. The Color correction feature will even out the dark spots whereas the acne treating components will clear out the breakout areas. This dual acting skin care and beauty formula is ideal to keep your skin healthy as well as beautiful. Regular use of the product will eventually help you in getting rid of all the acne forever.

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow and Mood Boosting Blush

As with all the products by Physicians Formula, this blush is also produced keeping in mind the health requirements of the skin. It will give you a beautiful and healthy glow while providing the facial cells with nutritional components. The totally natural ingredients will keep the skin safe from all the stress and will allow you to enjoy the warm and glowing skin tone.


Acnes are one of the most complex and complicated problems of skin. The part of the skin where acne develops becomes more sensitive as compared to the rest of the face. Meanwhile the use of more makeup products to hide the acne makes the condition worse and does not give a proper time to allow the pimples to heal.

We suggest you to use safe makeup products that are good for your breakouts and do not disturb the healing process of acne. The products mentioned above are reliable. Use them and give proper time to heal back to healthy glowing skin.