LDS Dipping Powder Reviews 2021

Nail technicians have been attracted by some of the best nail dipping techniques. Currently, however, some dipping powder brands have invented different ways of dipping. LDS dipping powder is one of these brands. As a beginner, you first need to choose a nail manicure process and then go for the LDS nail kit of your choice to use in your nail care techniques. LDS dipping system is manufactured healthy and robust nail powders that provide users with a unique, almost perfect, and elegant finish. There are distinct colors in the LDS dipping powder color collection: beige, metallic, multi, grey, yellow, nude, glitter, blue, black, and brown.

Which is better between Gel and Dipped Nails?

Gels and dipping powders are two distinct varieties, with each one of them trying to be better than the other. They both have unique colors that provide the users with a perfect finish and a unique look. Nonetheless, longevity is the main distinction between the two. As such, dip powders are known to last for up to a month, which is almost twice the gels’ longevity time. Furthermore, LED or UV light curing lamps are not needed anywhere in the dip powder application process. Thus additional costs on the lamp that will otherwise take extra space in the house can be avoided. Also, exposure to UV light should be the least of your worries. In this sense, you can always get a long-lasting, durable, and flawless finish that gives you your desired satisfaction in a salon or even at home.

LDS Dip Powder Application Process

Like any other dipping powder manicure brands, LDS dipping powder’s application process is easy and straightforward. Therefore, you do not have to do it in the salon because it can be done in the comfort of your home. First, the cuticles need to be pushed back, and the nails filed into the favorite design. Nailbed dirt and oils should be removed using a cleanser. Apply a base coat on the nails once they dry. Dip the nails into a dip powder color contain. The excess dust should be dusted off. Repeat the same process. To get a chip-resistant, perfect, study finish and full coverage, double duck the nails in the powder. Lastly, use an activator to coat the nails and a top coat to provide the nails with a gloss finish and a strong bond that prevents the manicure from easily chipping off or cracking.

How safe is LDS dipping Powder?

If your nails’ health bothers you, it is okay to get scared about the stuff you are about to use. However, unlike other nail products, dipping powders do not have harmful effects on the nails. Instead, manicure scrapping or picking is what destroys the nails. When you use a nail stick to chip at your nails, the natural nail bed is removed, leaving them weak and prone to destruction.

Using the gel removal process can be used as an alternative to removing dip powders. First, dip a cotton wool ball in pure acetone and stick them on the nails for 10-15 minutes and use the cotton to wipe off the polish. If that proves impossible, dip the nails in polish remover for about 20 minutes. When you are done, moisturize the nails.

Features of LDS Dipping Powder

Every product has features that make it different from the others. LDS nails is unique in that it is odorless; thus, it does not contain irritating chemical smells. Unlike most of the other nail products, LDS is highly affordable, and it provides a perfect finish. The product is safe for use at home, by nail professionals and even technicians. It is also durable in that you can enjoy it for almost a month. It is also easy to use; anyone can easily apply it on the nails. LDS nails are easy to carry around because it is produced in a slim formula. Besides, there are no toxins in the formulation; thus, you can lastly get free of pungent chemical smells. LDS dip powder packages include the activators, nail nourisher, bush cleaner, and 20z powder jars, among others

LDS Dip Powder Characteristics

LDS provides its users with a glowing finish in that even though the nails appear thick and rigid; they also feel light. Additionally, there are distinct LDS Colors that give the users a wide variety to choose from. LDS dip powder is both nutritious and healthy to the nails in that it contains calcium and vitamin A that allows nails to be flexible, healthy, and strong. There is a wide variety of LDS dipping powders, including LDS tie-dye, LDS liquid, LDS glitter collection, and LDS ombre.


LDS dip nails are must-have nails that you can use to rock in the office, with friends, night outs, and other occasions; the powder ensures strong and healthy nails as well as a chic manicure. Besides, it is safe and easy to use; thus, it can be used by anyone at home and by nail technicians and professionals in nail salons.