5 Reasons Why Choose Gel Nail Polish

Nail polish completes the appearance of your hands. Manicures, in general, offer a touch of sophistication to otherwise remarkable hands and nails. They add to your look, offer a sense of style, and show off your aesthetic sense. If you enjoy getting manicures, you’ve probably tried conventional polish. And if you’re interested in long-lasting manicures, gel nail paint is the way to go.

Gel Polish – What is the Difference?

Gel polishes are more flexible than regular nail polishes, so they can withstand chips; gels are cured with UV or LED light, while polishes are cured with oxygen. Gels must be soaked in acetone for at least ten minutes to be removed, whereas polishes can be readily removed with lacquer nail polish remover. It goes something like this if you get a regular nail polish manicure. The technician will remove any existing polish, shape and prepare your nails, massage your hands, and then apply the base coat, polish, and top coat.

You don’t have to go to a salon for a manicure, of course. Many individuals choose conventional nail paint since it is simple to apply at home and requires no special equipment. You can alter the color as often as you want because regular nail paint is simple to apply and remove. Chipping and fading, on the other hand, can necessitate repeated touch-ups and reapplications, which can be aggravating. However, this is when gel nail polish comes in handy.

However, when there are thousands of brands to choose from, it becomes tough to choose the best nail polish set that is trending, matches your personality, and still goes easy in your pockets. OPI is the answer to all of your problems! Don’t believe this? Here are the 5 big reasons why OPI has the best nail polish sets for you!

Top 5 Reasons Choose Gel Nail Polish

They are long-lasting

If you’re planning a vacation, are always on the go, or simply can’t make it to the salon regularly, this is the gel nail polish for you. It works as hard as you do without dulling or losing its shine. Plus, you get more bang for your cash with a manicure! Simply put, a gel nail polish manicure isn’t much more expensive than a standard one, but the result is 10 times more effective. You save both time and money, and your nails will shine like diamonds.

The durability of the Gel Polishes

OPI provides high-end brand gel nail polishes which harden with UV light and air to give you crisp, matte chip-proof nails. That means, they last longer than the normal products. You won’t have to worry about having a chipped or broken nail. OPI says their products give your nails the chance to respire in virulent environments and helps them to mend. Plus, they are long-wearing yet so convenient to apply!

Safe to apply

Gel nail polish can be non-damaging and deliver long-lasting color and gloss with correct application and removal. A base coat, two layers of gel nail paint, and a topcoat are included in the OPI Gel Color application. OPI’s NAS 99 Cleaning Solution should also be used, followed by the ProSpa Moisture Whip and ProSpa Nail & Cuticle Oil to rehydrate your nails.

It’s also critical that your manicurist utilize an LED lamp with a timer throughout the application process. This equipment is essential for achieving a long-lasting, robust gel manicure!

Glossier Finishes

In comparison with traditional acrylic nail lacquers and polishes, OPI nail polish set give a better gloss and a shinier finish to your nails. It keeps your nails clean and gives a neat look to your hands. It gives the overall perfect manicure you always need!

Easy to restore and no foul odor

Gel nails are the closest thing to real nails if you are looking for a French manicure. Along with all these advantages, if you undergo any nail damage it can be restored very easily, it does to take much time. OPI gel nails dry immediately, and there is no need to worry about scratches or smudges. They also do not release any chemical-related odors compared to acrylic polishes.


OPI provides a fantastic range of gel nail polishes, each with a variety of color samples. If you buy them individually or for your own salon, they are all reasonably priced. Hollywood collections, Shine Bright collections, Milan collections, and many others are among them. People prefer to purchase items that are consistent with their values and may also be used to experiment with new trends. They also provide a beautiful assortment of manicure colors based on the event, such as Job Interview gel color nail polish if you are going to an interview, and much more. Hope this helps you to shop for all your nail needs in the future!